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Multirow clasps for beaded bracelets

Multirow clasps for beaded bracelets Download PDF

Certainly, here is the translation in English:

Our multi-strand clasps from the brand Claspgarten are designed to securely attach multiple rows of beads or other jewelry materials.

Claspgarten clasps are made of high-quality metals such as nickel-free metal or stainless steel. They can be simple or decorated, sometimes with inlaid gemstones or decorative patterns.

This type of clasp is specially designed for jewelry with multiple rows. It has multiple loops or hooks to securely fasten each row of the jewelry. This ensures a neat and symmetrical finish of the jewelry.

Claspgarten clasps are known for their ease of use and durability. They are easy to open and close, even for those who struggle with fine motor skills.

These clasps are mainly used in finer jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets. Due to their aesthetic appeal and reliability, they are a popular choice among jewelry makers.

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